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Three Ways Radical Collaboration Can Make The World A Better Place

Radical collaboration between businesses and nonprofits can lead to successful outcomes. Oftentimes, nonprofits, businesses and governments have been at odds with each other but that is changing as business leaders have come to understand that a robust economy — their bottom line — is predicated on a healthy environment, functioning democracy, and productive society.

As a founding member of the Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast, my responsibility within this group is to advance dialogue to protect our coastal economies using the collective voice of businesses. In 2019, I was invited to testify before members of Congress on the harms of offshore oil and gas drilling, in addition to the impacts of future oil spills on our coastal economies. This opportunity to testify and bring together the voices of the business community with a simple and powerful message has led to the formation of strong relationships between the public and private sectors that continue to grow every day.

Based on this effort, I've learned a few things about cross-sector collaboration that I shared with Forbes.