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The past few years we've had a leading publication put the plastic issue on the cover of their magazine, major brands from the consumer goods forum redesigning plastic waste out of their operations and packaging, bans on plastics bags, straws and micro beads, and entrepreneurs putting purpose before profit.

Rising Tide Summit, Vipe Desai, XPRIZE Foundation, San Pedro, California, Plastic Polluton

And NGO”s the world over are helping to drive these changes.

While there are no shortage of issues facing our oceans, one thing for certain is that we need action and scalable solutions. The Rising Tide Summit  brings together influential leaders in business, nonprofit and government together to discuss how we can all work together and find simple solutions in our everyday lives to drive the large scale ideas that will help secure a healthy and thriving ocean.

This summit is a search for solutions. Solutions that are actionable by every single business and citizen of this planet. And there is no better place to have this conversation than in California:

+ 5th largest economy in the world ($3 Trillion)
+ California represents 14.08% of the US GDP
+ California’s 4.9% increase in GDP last year was twice the growth of the U.S.

Our goal is clear and simple. To chart a new course in ocean conservation with specially curated keynotes, panels, Q&A’s, and workshops.

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